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With the launch of our new website this week, the hard-working team at ARIANNE Relocation are all giving each other a hearty and well-deserved pat on the back for a job well done. After many painstaking months—more than we’d care to admit—the new site went live on June 12, offering loads of new features, products and services.

ARIANNE founder and president Manon Dumas, who has been providing Canadian relocation services since 1997, teamed up last year with husband and wife partners, Fred and Pacha Hornaday, who specialize in graphic design, online business development, professional writing and international nomadism.

From the very beginning, a sizzling synergy filled the air every time this power trio came together for brainstorming sessions and business strategy meetings. The fruit of these scintillating get-togethers is, our company’s hot new website.

A quick tour of the site shows that Manon is continuing to offer the top-notch, personal relocation services that she has been providing to new Canadian arrivals for more than 20 years. Most interesting of all, however, is a brand new line of products that have been in the works for years.

Online Relocation Guides for Canadian cities

In the interest of “democratizing” the relocation industry, ARIANNE has produced a series of online guides for seven major Canadian cities. The guides cover all the major aspects of relocation, through which ARIANNE has been directing its clients for two decades.

With the comprehensive and easy-to-use guides, families and individuals can navigate the sometimes puzzling maze of relocation on their own. Compiled over Manon’s 20+ year career in the destination services industry, these guides outline the whole process, step-by-step, addressing all the issues and questions that inevitably arise when you move across the country or around the world.

At first glance, moving to a new country sounds fun and exciting, which it is. But it can also get very complicated, and without proper guidance and preparation, the complications can be simply overwhelming. First you’ve got your visa and immigration formalities. Then there’s the onerous process of moving your belongings. Then you’ve got a whole myriad of official registrations, from enrolling in health care to getting the proper driver’s license. And what about finding a house, a mobile phone plan, a good dentist, a school for your kids?

ARIANNE Online Relocation guides cover all those matters, and more. For those who still prefer a personal touch and the security of having their own relocation coach, ARIANNE continues to offer those services. But with these new guides, anyone should be able to chart the course on their own.

However you decide to proceed, we wish you all the best of luck in your new home, Canada.

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Fred Hornaday took a road trip from California to Wisconsin for his first birthday party. Since then, his itch to travel has led him on numerous cross country and transcontinental adventures throughout North America and Europe. He met his wife in Germany, got married in Denmark, and honeymooned in Colombia. He knows a thing or two about international travel and relocation.